What speaks for Hamburg?

If your professional focus is in the field of future technologies, pretty much anything. Because only here in Hamburg and the metropolitan region you have the best job and career prospects in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a maritime metropolis with lots of nature and unbeatable cultural and leisure activities in the city and region. Exaggerated?

Then take a look at what young professionals who have already decided to work and live in Hamburg have to say about it. No, no models, no bought influencers: real young talents from future industries, like you. In just under 60 seconds you will receive individual, authentic and very diverse answers - and thus plenty of good reasons to make Hamburg your new home port.

Your new home?

Hamburg is the city and region of the future. In many ways: The Hanseatic city not only offers you meaningful and well-paid jobs in which you can shape tomorrow's life today, but also an unbeatable quality of life in the metropolitan region with lots of greenery, lots of water, close to the sea - and men can party here also. Of course there is much more here...

Hamburger Hafen Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Brandes
Sandtorpark mediaserver.hamburg.de / Andreas Vallbracht
Sonnenuntergang HafenCity Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Brandes

The best jobs of the future

Companies in Hamburg and the metropolitan region are currently looking for hundreds of qualified young professionals in the field of renewable energies and future technologies. There’s everything here – from start-ups to careers in major international corporations. You can find the right offer for you and your professional future in our job exchange.

Where the future is made

Wind energy, green hydrogen, biogas, life science, mobility, artificial intelligence, future technologies, ideas, inspirations, inventions. Many highly qualified and motivated employees from all over the world are working in Hamburg companies where they are researching, experimenting and developing our future.

What about you? Come join the team!

About mykindoffuture.hamburg

The goal

My Kind of Future wants to recommend Hamburg as a new professional and private home to you as students, career starters and young professionals in the fields of renewable energies and future technologies. Regardless of where you come from, what you believe in, who and what you are or look like – come as you are.

The campaign

This is an ‘advertising campaign’ only insofar as we actually want to ‘recruit’ you as qualified young talents for Hamburg and Hamburg’s future companies. Unlike in advertising, however, we did not have models posing for us, but interviewed real talents who have recently come to Hamburg to work and live. Our main question was ‘Why Hamburg?’ The answers are authentic, personal and real. We have not changed their content, and they are intended to serve as information and inspiration for your own future plans.